MLA Principal Liston Teaches Leadership in Eastern Europe

Scott Liston, MLA Strategic Execution Principal, traveled to university campuses in Kosovo and Macedonia in the fall of 2018 with Global Leadership Partners.

“We were privileged to do a seminar in both Prishtina and Ferizaj, Kosovo,” said Liston. “We also had lunch with the university deans to deepen our relationship with them and solidify our common objective of building into students.”

Liston, and the other speakers, presented leadership principles based on the values of of integrity, courage, humility, and respect for others.  They draw on their experience from working with global companies, such as Procter and Gamble, where Scott worked for 22 years.

Global Leadership Partners is a non-profit, focused on university students and business professionals from small and medium-sized businesses. Their current priority is the region of Central & Eastern Europe, but they have plans to expand.

“We believe leaders with strong values and a purpose that goes beyond self are the best leaders,” says Global Leadership Partners founder Todd Geist.  “History shows these biblical values transcend cultures, ages, and spheres of life and improve quality of life for the world’s citizens.”

Scott speaks to a group of students in Bucharest, Romania.

Leadership Partners is growing rapidly.  Liston says “There is more demand for events to teach students and business people than we can fill right now, so we are looking to connect with those who share our values and purpose who want to invest in the lives of others in Eastern Europe.”

Contact Scott if you are interested in learning how you could be involved in a future Global Leadership Partners trip.

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