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A Trusted Advisor

Posted on: March 16th, 2021

At MLA we believe business is the foundation for much of what is good in the world. Businesses can increase growth, develop people and improve our lives.  But with people and growth come challenges. Those challenges must be overcome for any business to reach its potential. These challenges can obscure your reason for being in business, which is that you see a way to make the world better. To see through these challenges, you need a trusted advisor.

We can help you rediscover your reason for owning a business. That’s what we mean by Business Redeemed.

A Trusted Advisor

Many of us at MLA have been business owners in the past. And we have closely advised business owners for many years. This runs the gamut from mom-and-pop retailers to large, regional employers. We’ve felt the strain of failure and the excitement of success, and we believe success can be worth the effort. We do not believe in success at any cost, but we do believe that success must be defined by its benefit to those who depend on us. (Read more at RedemptiveLeader.com)

At MLA, we choose to work closely with business owners— hundreds of them across the 100+ companies we serve or have served. That breadth of experience helps us understand the particular challenges a business owner faces. We understand that success means something different to each one of these owners.  As a result, success that is worth the effort must be understood from their particular story.

We Understand

At MLA, we know that most business owners are not financial people, but finances place a unique burden on a business owner that only they can carry. Finances are often the limiting factor in the growth of a company, but not because of a lack of funds. Rather, a lack of confidence about what is actually happening with their finances keeps many business owners from solving problems or moving into new opportunities.

We understand that no business owner can rely on first-hand knowledge of their company’s finances. You must delegate those responsibilities, and trust must be maintained. Establishing that trust, and the rhythms of communication that sustain it are among the most important things a business owner can do.

That’s where MLA can help. Our expertise is finance, and our experience helps us determine and design the right financial system and processes to position your company for growth. But it doesn’t end there.

We also do. We are ready to execute on the changes you need to establish trust in your financial team. And that trust allows you to make decisions about the future with confidence.

Let MLA become your trusted advisor. Let our knowledge protect you, our insight guide you, and our leadership empower you.

At MLA, we protect, we guide, and we empower.  That’s what we mean by Business Redeemed.