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The MLA Business Redeemed™ process.

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The MLA Business Redeemed™ process is a 360˚approach that unlocks and drives business growth. We begin with your core business processes, determining what challenges are preventing your business from fulfilling your vision. We then move through the following steps to get you back on track.

1. Reality: “What is happening now?”
We look at the key products, services and relationships that make your business work. We determine what is affecting cash flow, and what must be protected to move forward.
2. Perspective: What does it mean?”
We then ask if the information you are getting from your financial system explains what we are seeing. Often it doesn’t, which is why you are concerned and where we get involved.
3. Runway: “What should be done first?”
Now we assess what resources are needed to continue to operate while we fix the problem. If extra financing or capital infusions are required, we can help secure and manage those funds.
4. Dream: “Why am I doing this?”
Once the challenge is identified, and the resources are secured, we revisit why you are in business to begin with, and gain clarity on the future you have been working to obtain.
5. Road Map: “How do we get there?”
Once the future is defined, a strategic plan is required to define what it will take to get there. Together, we create a plan to prioritize next steps, and how the results will be measured.
6. Courage: “Are we on track?”
A plan requires execution and accountability to be successful. We bring integrity to the process by monitoring results, and providing updated projections based on current market conditions.
7. Reward: “When do you make your move?”
As the plan begins to bear fruit, you can choose when to make a change. Perhaps you have more to accomplish, or you’re ready to sell. Either way, we are with you, every step.

We don’t just try harder. We take a 360˚ approach to identify and overcome your company’s challenges. The choice of when to move forward is yours. We provide the perspective and courage, along with the financial analysis, to help you make the best decision. All the way from outset to execution, MLA stands ready to be your trusted advisor.

How we work.

MLA is typically brought in when there is anxiety or some form of stress on the company. Through listening and assessment, our team of experts begins to work and unlock margin within the company. As we formalize financial and operational processes, we create disciplines which stabilize that margin and reveal new opportunity for growth.

Anxiety > Margin > Discipline > Opportunity

MLA utilizes our proprietary and customizable Business Redeemed™ process to help determine the best approach for your unique challenges. The Business Redeemed process recognizes seven categories of questions that must be answered in all organizations to achieve the desired outputs and growth.

The Business Redeemed process equips us to leverage our team’s expertise to move you from anxiety to opportunity.


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From outset to execution, MLA stands ready to be your trusted advisor.