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Better Strategy with AI

Posted on: March 29th, 2023

Technological innovation is meant to handle day-to-day, repetitive tasks like bookkeeping.  But AI was never intended to replace human creativity and strategic thinking.  So how do you get better strategy with AI?

An overreliance on technology can cause business owners to ignore their gut intuition and judgment. AI has severe limitations. It lacks emotional intelligence, soft skills, and the ability to use any data other than what it is given, making it a complement to humans — but not a replacement.

Enhance Your Strategy

MLA Companies provides outsourced CFOs who can be unique and powerful change agents and leaders in your business.  Our team can help you pull the pieces together to work as a strategic leadership team.

President and CEO of MLA Companies Seth Morgan explains: “Business owners in need of fractional CFO or Strategic services must be able to rely on a wide spectrum of talent-centric, customized approaches offering processes and services that align with their needs and future growth.”

SMBs need to avoid falling into the trap of outsourcing strategic advice to a machine and, instead, allow financial experts with the experience and insight necessary to provide tailor-made solutions — for a fraction of the cost.

Leaning too heavily on technology can also lead to vendor lock-in when a business is handcuffed to a product or service solution because switching is too complicated or expensive.  This ultimately hurts a business’s bottom line by forcing it to utilize a technology that no longer works for them.

Better Strategy with AI

MLA Companies offers an expert team with decades of combined knowledge in finance, strategy, and solutions.  This offers more to clients than the individual service provider model common from other outsourced CFOs.

Whether it’s accounting support or strategic financial advice, MLA Companies creates a customized plan for each individual business.  Contact us to learn more.