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Business Redeemed

MLA’s Business Redeemed helps you get back to building your business. We will protect what you have, guide you in the moment, and empower you for new opportunities.

We Believe in Business

At MLA we believe business is the foundation for much of what is good in the world. Business can increase growth, develop people and improve lives in unique and lasting ways.

But growth and people bring challenges that must be overcome for any business to reach its potential. And addressing these challenges can distract you from accomplishing what only you can do.

Our Knowledge Protects You

At MLA, we know finance and we know business. Many of us have been business owners in the past, and we have deep expertise in finance, from basic bookkeeping to M&A and beyond.

We’ve felt the strain of failure and the excitement of success, and we understand that success looks different to each business owner.  But success must benefit and protect those who depend on you.

Our Insight Guides You

We work closely with hundreds of business owners across the companies we serve. That breadth of insight helps us be strategic in the solutions we recommend for the particular challenges you face.

Most business owners are not financial experts, but finances place a unique burden on business owners that only they can carry. The right guidance can lighten that load and reveal greater opportunities.

Our Leadership Empowers You

Finances are often a limiting factor in the growth of a company, but not always because of a lack of funds. Rather, a lack of confidence in financial reporting may keep you from seeing solutions and opportunities you would otherwise pursue.

We understand that no business owner can rely fully on first-hand knowledge of their company. Financial responsibility, in particular, must be delegated to other leaders, and trust must be maintained.

When a business owner trusts their financial information it empowers them to find solutions and moves them toward new opportunities.

Business Redeemed

That’s where MLA can help. Our insight helps us determine and design the right financial system, processes and reporting you need to position your company for growth.

We can implement the changes you need to establish trust in your financial system.  Then you can get back to building your business.  Put MLA to work for you.