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Capitalize On Opportunities

Posted on: April 26th, 2021

Today, Doug is confident in maintaining his unlimited status as an ODOT contractor.  The FAR Report that used to consume hours every week and be a rush to the deadline requires only a few hours to assemble and verify. “What used to be months is now done in weeks, and what used to take days is now done in hours,” Doug observes.  “I know what I’m submitting is right, but it’s not costing me the capitalize on opportunities to grow my business.”

Are you ready to move forward into new opportunities?  MLA can help you do that with greater confidence and success.

For the Good of the Order

Growing his business is important, and not just to Doug.  “We can help a lot of clients who would not be helped somewhere else,” he observes.  “We’re small enough to be flexible and responsive, but our unlimited status means we can pitch in when a big project would get bogged down.”

In addition to keeping huge infrastructure projects on track, Doug and the team at BCS can help private property owners and small developers resolve issues with ODOT.  “They’ll get an application turned down with no real explanation or recourse,” Doug states.  “With our experience, we can identify the problem and help them design a work-around.”

Capitalize On Opportunities“We’re a small firm, but we make a big difference,” Doug observes.  “Sometimes you need someone who can get there quickly and resolve the problem.  That’s what BCS can do.”

But there are other ways Doug and BCS are contributing to the ongoing work of ODOT.   In a previous year, Doug had received a query on a $50 expense.  After answering the concern, Doug asked the inspector if there was a bigger problem he needed to be aware of.  The answer he got surprised him.  

“He admitted it was a small detail, but then told me they use our report to train new auditors,” Doug said.  “We’re small enough they can get a grasp of the whole process, but we also have a reputation for getting it right.  It’s good to know we are contributing something to the good of the order.”

Capitalize On Opportunities

The days of anxiety and stress about the business spilling into family vacations are over.  In fact, Doug’s wife and son are now working with him at BCS.

“My son is graduating with his engineering degree this spring,” Doug says. “And my wife has moved her communications services work inside BCS.”  Briggs Creative Solutions is on its way to being a multi-generational, multi-service family business.

Doug is looking forward to the opportunities ahead.  “There are still challenges we need to overcome,” he says.  “But now I’ve got the time to think about them, and work towards the future.”

The reward of working toward the future with its clients is something MLA enjoys most.  Once we’ve helped them move from anxiety to opportunity, we often find they have more they want to accomplish.  The ability to capitalize on opportunities makes more opportunities seem possible.

That’s when the MLA Business Redeemed Process can begin again. By creating a positive outcome for our clients, we give them greater confidence to face the road ahead.

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