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Posted on: March 31st, 2021

PermaTrak North America is a premier provider of environmentally friendly precast concrete boardwalk and elevated greenway solutions. PermaTrak systems are engineered for design flexibility, ease of installation, and long-term durability.  PermaTrak has been an MLA client since 2011.

Requiring virtually no maintenance, PermaTrak is an outstanding, cost-competitive alternative to conventional wood or manufactured lumber construction. PermaTrak’s concrete boardwalk product is used as a maintenance-free alternative to wood or composite decking for commercial projects ranging from multi-use trails, boardwalks through wetland areas, elevated greenways, and observation decks.

“The hardest part for me was managing cash flow.  MLA took care of that for me.”

Jason Philbin, President

PermaTrak North America

PermaTrak and MLA

Jason Philbin, President of PermaTrack, met Connie VanDorp while they both worked at Contech Bridge Solutions.  Connie introduced Jason to MLA where he worked with Larry McCord, Joe Davis, and Keith Crabtree.  When Connie joined MLA as a Senior Business Advisor, she began to work directly with PermaTrak.

Now Jason works with Doug LeConey and appreciates the ongoing support he gets from the MLA team.  “Doug recently helped me develop a bonus structure which was a great help,” Jason says.  “And Connie is great!”

PermaTrak has grown significantly over the years, with projects all over the US and two in Canada.  With a background in engineering, Jason understood the importance of doing things right.  “The hardest part for me was managing cash flow,” he remarks.  “MLA took care of that for me.”

Jason and Doug continue to work together on a strategic plan.  “Managing cash flow is always a challenge because we deal mostly with municipalities and other government agencies,” Jason observes. “We are often waiting for them to pay invoices before we can pay our vendors.”

Jason continues to rely on MLA to protect what he has, guide him in the moment, and empower him for future growth.  MLA is proud to serve PermaTrak North America as a trusted advisor.