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Grateful for Your Team

Posted on: November 30th, 2021

The employment landscape is complicated, to say the least.  Many issues affect your employees’ lives, but you don’t have to address all of them to create employee loyalty.  Simply listening to their needs and concerns goes a long way.  And hearing what they are working with can make you grateful for your team.

MLA offers finance, strategy, and solutions, all for the purpose of growing the good we create.  That good is measured by the impact it has on the lives we touch.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be a trusted advisor to the many business owners we serve.

We understand that being an employer means you are responsible for a major part of your employees’ lives.  And making time to listen to your concerns, and those of your team is a priority for us.  “We form a fundamental connection with those people who really listen to us,” notes Gary Wilkins, MLA Principal, “especially when we ask follow-up questions.”

Open Conversations

Sometimes it’s difficult to start a dialogue about difficult topics if you don’t have an established pattern of doing so. However, a way to start can be asking an employee when they have felt most a part of the team.  Letting them tell you about a specific event can open up a much more in-depth conversation and create opportunities to learn.  Why did that make them feel they belonged?  Where did it happen, and who was there?  These details provide a rich picture of how they see the world around them.

It’s important not to be defensive but to demonstrate you are genuinely there to listen and learn. If that’s hard for you to do, consider inviting somebody from outside your company to have these conversations.  This also applies to how positions and roles are functioning inside your company.  Letting employees contribute to conversations about their work can prove invaluable, especially through an outside perspective.

Grateful for Your Team

“Investing in your people is always the right move,” says Seth Morgan, MLA CEO. “The trick is first understanding what actually motivates them and then doing it with careful consideration and planning to conserve your capital.”  This creates employee loyalty, and taking care of the employees you have, he says, is often your best form of advertising for new ones.

MLA can help you work through these challenges. And we can quantify the financial returns that come from addressing them.