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Hiring For the Future

Posted on: September 28th, 2021

RA Consultants has seen significant growth over the last few years, but not without facing some challenges.  Owner John Allen needed to make changes in key positions and then build his team by hiring for the future.

MLA supports finance people.  We bring the expertise that helps you evaluate who you have, develop them further, and find who you need.  Below is the second in a series of stories that described our engagement with RA, and what MLA Strategic Advisor Doug LeConey was able to accomplish.  You can visit the RA Consultants’ client page to read the whole story.

Guide You In the Moment

As things continued to improve, John began to approach Doug LeConey with other concerns as well.  The way Doug had handed the financial challenges had created a strong basis of trust between them.

John was concerned with things other than the financials.  Even though financial operations were steadily improving since the CFO had left, there we still lingering issues within the financial team.  “It was a difficult time” Doug recalls, “and it would have been easy to get rid of someone and let them take the blame.”  But that was not the kind of company culture John was trying to build.

After working with various managers and other employees in the organization, Doug helped John assess staff capabilities and potential and bring the performance evaluation process back into compliance with company practices.  This change helped to correct poor performance and gave individuals an incentive to improve.

Hiring For the Future

Doug also helped John hire a new controller in 2018.  Craig Calvert came on board a year and a half after Doug had started working with RA.  “I have a degree in finance, but Doug helped me get my CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and taught me how our books worked,” Craig recalls.

Craig quickly gained confidence in his role with Doug’s help.  “It’s a great model MLA uses,” he observes. “Doug came in, got things running correctly, and then handed them off to us.”

For more information, visit the RA Consultants client page.