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Market and Operations Data in M&A

Posted on: October 11th, 2022

M&A money invested in 2021 exceeded previous records by more than 25%. This was caused by stock market volatility and market changes which encouraged venture capital and other investment funds to look for other opportunities. As a result, M&A sales are strong but new market and operations data expectations in M&A are a challenge to SMBs.

MLA helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with sell-side M&A expertise.  President and CEO of MLA Companies, Seth Morgan, says, “For a successful M&A cycle, our team looks for holes in the data and precisely identifies the downstream decisions impacted by that gap.”

Sell-Side Market Expertise

As the M&A market heats up, this expertise is invaluable in helping you get the most for your investment.  Global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) set records in 2021 with a $5.9 trillion total deal market value, exceeding previous highs by $1.3 trillion.

2022 is on target to be the second-best year on record.  This is due to attractive valuation levels, tax considerations, and the need for innovation and technological growth. Even as the likelihood of recession increases, opportunities for profitable M&A transactions still exist.

AI and machine learning are still fairly new in the marketplace.  As a result, small- to medium-sized businesses are often priced out of the most innovative software solutions. They have significant and specialized knowledge and experience but lack the business systems to generate useful data and deliver intelligent feedback.

MLA can help you collect and present your financial, operations and sales data in a way that demonstrates your profitability.  “We can help you identify the key constraint that will unlock future growth,” Morgan states. “That makes you an attractive target for a larger company that has the resources to overcome that constraint.”

Market and Operations Data in M&A

Small- to medium-sized businesses who want to sell need the market and operations data in M&A.  This data must satisfy buyers needs to evaluate profitability and plan integration after the acquisition.

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