Thanks for visiting the home of MLA Companies.

While we are excited you have visited our site, please recognize that change, growth, and success don’t come from two-dimensional media.  We firmly believe that those things come through goals, metrics, and accountability for sure, but they are motivated, encouraged, and empowered through relationship and the ability to inspire.

We hope that your exploration of MLA will not stop at this site. We hope that this introduction to who we are will encourage you to reach out to us, for I’m confident that you will find an even greater experience by taking the time to talk to us, look us in the eye, and share with us while we share with you experiences, challenges, and the excitement of what is to come.

Our journey started over a decade ago, and we’ve come a long way. But, just like you, we aren’t done growing, challenging ourselves, pressing ahead, and refining our services to better meet the demands of executives and businesses.

There is no one label you can put on our team.  Combined we have hundreds of years of experience. And that experience is more than in just one category.  Are we CFOs? Yes.  Are we consultants? Yes.  Do we help our clients with management, leadership and strategy? Yes. Are we accountants? Yes.

One question we often receive is, what do I get when I engage with MLA?  Another great question, and truthfully, one that can be answered more than one way.  Do we provide advice like a consultant?  Yes.  Do we know how to and do we implement that advice?  We have, we do, and we can. So Yes.

We are more than one label, or one way of doing things.  This doesn’t make us unfocused, undisciplined, or even generalist.  In fact, I’d argue the opposite. Perhaps the way you can think of it is like this.  We don’t view any of these technical abilities as the reason we exist.  We view them as tools and yes in our view very important tools. But still just tools. Tools to help you grow, succeed, manage, challenge, and measure your results.  We view them as tools to motivate.  But they are still just tools.  For some clients, the best tool is a proverbial wrench, for another a hammer, for another a drill. And that is where we are different.  And that in fact is our singular focus.  We desire to use our craft, our tools, our knowledge, our experience, to become your trusted advisor – as we have done with many companies and organizations.

Practically, we have organized our approach though our unique “Value Implementation Process” ™ and by organizing our services in various categories.  You will see some of that language and explanation throughout this site.  But that isn’t the reason we exist.  The reason we exist is you, and figuring out how to help you steward well the resources and opportunities you’ve been given.

We haven’t arrived and we know you haven’t either.  We invite you to us let us journey with you in that quest, using the crafts we know so well, while never losing site of the goal.

I’m humbled to lead such a great team. I’m humbled that we serve such great clients. I’m humbled that you have taken the time to consider us. I hope you will take the next step and contact one of us so we can get to know you if we don’t already.

We are MLA. Enjoy your visit!

Seth A. Morgan
CEO of MLA Companies

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Wisdom to identify causes challenges and opportunities.

Strategy & Execution

Building…and doing the plan.