MLA Companies started in early 2006, founded by Harry Loyle and Seth Morgan and originally going by the name Morgan, Loyle & Associates, Inc.

Harry served at the time as the CEO of MotoPhoto, Inc. where he had hired Seth to serve as an internal consultant and eventually as the Controller. As the fortunes of the photographic industry changed, Seth exited MotoPhoto and Harry provided seed capital, advice, and some consulting services to the fledgling company. Seth was twenty-seven years old.

Celebrating our 10th anniversary

Celebrating our 10th anniversary

In 2009, Seth executed a friendly buyout of Harry’s shares of the company and today remains as MLA’s CEO.

Given Seth’s working class background, Seth “bootstrapped” the growth of MLA, just like many of MLA’s clients.  In the early months, Seth focused on merely breaking even.  Then Seth transitioned to recruiting others to join the MLA team.  In the early years, it was little more than a small group of professionals who would gather at Panera Bread regularly, and share war stories, market opportunities, and general fellowship in the business.

Over time, MLA has taken strides to professionalize and provide structure to who it is, how it serves, and its market approach.  The results speak for themselves.

Today, while uniquely positioned in the market, MLA has no competition in the surrounding markets that has its breadth and size.  MLA has principals in Florida and Ohio, with the major markets of Dayton and Cincinnati covered.  MLA has defined its service offerings and is capable of transactional accounting (bookkeeping and controllerships, etc.), financial advisory, (“CFO” services, etc.), strategic advisory (growth and strategy, etc.), and strategic execution (M&A, ERP implementation, turnaround, etc).

MLA’s team is robust and full of experience, targeting the privately held market spaces. The team is bound together by MLA’s shared values and approach to client solutions bound through their singular focus of being a trusted advisor to their clients.

MLA continues to find ways to expand its reach so as to facilitate greater ability to implement its mission.

MLA is affiliated with Alinea Certified Public Accountants, LLC.