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We help you fulfill your vision of good.

MLA Companies is a growth-oriented business services firm located in southwest Ohio.  Our team of about 40 professionals serves over 100 companies across the US.

The MLA team has extensive and varied experience across multiple industries, including manufacturing, construction, logistics, consumer products, and professional services.

Our mission is to protect what you have, guide you in the moment, and empower you for the future.  We do this through services in finance, strategy, and solutions.

MLA utilizes its holistic Business Redeemed Process to gain a complete picture of your business.  We can then apply our team’s expertise to your specific needs.

We work seamlessly with our sister companies, Alinea CPA and MLA Capital, to serve all your finance-related needs.

Finance: Protect What You Have

Expert bookkeeping and experienced CFO services.  We use our financial knowledge and expertise to protect your business and guide you to future growth. We do this through careful work, diligent compliance and taking your concerns to heart.

Strategy: Guide Your Decisions

Market growth analysis, strategic planning, business model development, and succession planning. We serve as your trusted advisor, applying our experience to your specific situation. We look to provide honest and helpful insight as we pursue your goals of sustainable growth.

Solutions: Empower Your Leadership

Business process optimization, ownership and management alignment, valuation and closed-corp stock, and governance structures. We empower you as a business owner. We apply our leadership and deploy the full resources of the MLA team to help you fulfill your unique vision of good in the world.

Business Redeemed

Ownership can create a mindset of either stewardship or entitlement. A stewardship-minded owner uses the means at their disposal to improve others’ lives before enriching their own.

Read About Stewardship and Ownership

At MLA, we choose to work with stewardship-minded owners and stakeholders. We serve your vision of good which requires a customized approach.

Business Redeemed is our wholistic way of seeing your organization. It equips you to address all the concerns that stewardship requires.

Learn About Business Redeemed

Our seven-step Business Redeemed Process gives you a holistic perspective on your business. It allows us to bring the right resources to bear to position your business for the growth you desire.

Business Redeemed
Partner With Us

Partner With Us

The Business Redeemed Process protects, guides, and empowers you through every phase of your organization’s growth.

Combined with the MLA outsource CFO and Strategic Advisor model, the Business Redeemed Process delivers transformative expertise.  We save our clients’ money while we providing them with objective, expert guidance to tackle even the most difficult business challenges.

Learn About our Customizable Services

We can even go the next step, providing you with an outsourced CEO or Executive Director during times of sudden, significant leadership transitions.

Learn About our Outsourced CEO Services

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