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Outsourced CEO Services

“MLA’s Outsourced CEO Services – Stabilize, Strengthen, and Empower your Organization Immediately–and with Flexibility!”

Significant transitions in businesses and non-profit organizations can occur suddenly and often create immediate leadership needs at the CEO or Executive Director level. MLA can provide a seasoned professional who can immediately bring stability, steady leadership, and the skills that are necessary during a period of transition–without the need for a long-term commitment.

Perhaps you are facing a recent, planned, or unexpected departure of a President, CEO, or Executive Director. Or, your organization is experiencing significant operational, financial, or other performance issues. Either way, MLA can be your navigator–and your partner.

As a steady, capable hand whose primary purpose is to bring improvement by steering the ship carefully but decisively, a Transitional CEO applies MLA Business Redeemed™ principles to review core business processes, identify key challenges, and as the leader of your team, drive the effort to ensure that you are accomplishing key benchmarks.

This role is designed to make an immediate impact and effectively set the table for a permanent hire or other transitional process. But in addition to numbers, coaching, mentoring, developing, and empowering key team members are also essential as you and the CEO partner throughout this process. If the next step is a permanent hire, the Transitional leader will work with you to facilitate a seamless change.

What to Look For in a Transitional Leader

Whether this is a CEO, President, or Executive Director role with a short-term time horizon, our executive’s DNA includes the following characteristics:

Outsourced CEO on an Interim and Fractional Basis

MLA’s outsourced CEO services are available for short periods, with lengthier engagements subject to availability. Although there are two general categories and guidelines, the following can vary based on your needs and objectives:

Depending on engagement specifics, the Interim or Fractional CEO can be onsite, remote, or hybrid.

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