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Serve the Community

Posted on: February 1st, 2022

This is the third installment of an interview between Seth Morgan, Founder, and CEO of MLA Companies, and Stone Payton of Business RadioX Studios.  In this section, they discuss how businesses serve the community.

Seth ended the second section with this observation: “The one thing that has not changed and won’t change which is this: It’s a noble thing to lead a business.”

Are you wondering how your business can make a bigger difference in your community?  MLA can help with that.

Stewards Taking Risks

Seth: I think if you think about the risk-takers of America that are evident in our history and in our homes and offices, it’s a pretty noble thing. At least it can be. And those nobles are taking that challenge on and putting capital to risk and putting their reputation to risk. 

It requires much more than capital to build a business. They’re putting their own energy into their companies. They are trying to build something that often goes well beyond their generation and where they’re living today. 

Those stewards are still asking the same questions, which is the same basic question we’ve seen thousands of times which is this: How do I serve my community?  What’s my value proposition as I serve my community.

I don’t just mean social impact or social good, although that’s part of it. But so much of that good is in the products or services we produce. It’s not necessarily the check that we write to the YMCA, although that might be a very wonderful thing. 

But it’s the fabric that’s being built by these stewards in business through their communities. They are making great team members and employees who are responsible citizens and who are able to provide for their families and do good with passion in areas that matter to them.

This is the beauty of business. It can be a tree that continues to bear fruit, not just inside that business itself, but in the families of living rooms that it’s affecting. For those stewards, the questions are the same even as the environments change.

Serve the Community

I recognize that uncertainty is high right now, regardless of whether the economy is doing well. If you talk to the average CEO, they are concerned, and rightfully so because the macro conditions are so unsettling. And there are great short-term stories of economic success. But there’s still a high level of uncertainty

The labor shortage is hurting us. Supply chain concerns are out there. These are the things a lot of the stewards of businesses today are struggling with. This has absolutely changed how our practitioners think about their flexibility, empathy, and even practicality. Obviously, things like social distancing and business closing affected us as well.

So all of those things, we look at as speed bumps along the road that are not much different, not much more difficult than what our average business owner or client is facing. That requires us to be flexible and quick on our feet as we continue to try to serve them as they serve their customers and vendors and other partners.

Are you ready to take risks to do good?  We’re here to help.  Contact us to learn more.