A financial system should drive business intelligence for future decisions. As a Financial Strategic Advisory firm, MLA Companies utilizes its “Value Implementation Process”™ (VIP) to ensure proper alignment of its services and connect the necessary compliance and financial functions to future oriented capacities and strategic decisions.

MLA’s team of professionals encompass financial, operational, and strategic expertise, all emanating from the financial function and orientated towards future growth. As such, MLA’s team as developed an impressive track of fulfilling its mission – transforming businesses and people. These activities by necessity have included planning and executing along financial, operational, and strategic decision sets.

MLA Service Offerings

MLA VIP Step   Accounting / CPA CFO/Financial Advisory Strategic Advisory Strategic Execution
The Reality

What is the current situation?

Duties Data Entry /  Report Generation Compliance /  Trouble Shooting /  Direction
Focus Accuracy Completeness
The Perspective

What insights can we draw from the current situation?

Duties Benchmarking; Cost reduction
Focus Business Model Alignment / Consistency
The Runway

Definition / consideration of capacities and restraints

Duties Budgeting / Forecasting Short-term Decision Analysis
Focus Quantification of capacities and restraints Capacity utilization
The Dream

Why are “we” / “I” in business?

Duties Understanding the “Why” question
Focus Qualitative challenging to “Dream”
The Map

What do we need to do to get there?

Duties Strategic planning
Focus Long-term Decision Analysis
The Courage

Given 1 – 5, what actions can we take to accomplish the Dream?

Duties Coordination of execution with strategy M&A / Due Diligence / Refinancing / Other
Focus Strategic alignment / minimize “strategy creep” Efficient Execution
The Reward

What do we see, what can we learn, what do we discard / repeat?

Duties Financial analysis of results / comp planning / ROE Strategic analysis
Focus Executable learnings Executable learnings