Download MLA VIP Process document

MLA sees the various areas of skill it possesses as mere tools to assist you in leading and managing the organization that you steward. They are tools alone, not the goal. The wisdom and craft is how to mix those tools to reach the maximum potential.

As such, MLA doesn’t try to make your business fit the tool, we make the tool fit the business and the people leading the business. MLA also recognizes that advice without execution are just nice platitudes. Likewise, execution without a plan is a road to nowhere. So how do we work? For some client the emphasis is on advice. For others it is on execution. For yet others it is a blend.

MLA utilizes, formally or informally, its “Value Implementation Process” (VIP) ™ to help guide it through determining the best approach to the client challenge. The VIP recognizes seven categories that must be present in all organizations to achieve the desired outputs. How you get there is the craft, because for each business and organization it is different.

Whether utilizing our services of transactional accounting, financial advisory, strategic advisory, or strategic execution, MLA believes they all lead one place, helping you steward the organization you lead, with confidence. MLA knows that along the way, you will need doers, planners, guides, and even a shoulder to lean on. You will need Trusted Advisors.

So how does MLA do its work? It depends on its client. But in each case, the focus is to use Financial Wisdom, to drive Transformative Action and to earn a place as your Trusted Advisor.