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Barb Kohmescher, CPA

Barb Kohmescher

Barb Kohmescher is a CPA and Senior Business Advisor at MLA.  She has a proven record of delivering optimal results and business value in high-growth environments.  She always seeks to offer sustainable solutions and recommendations to help accelerate business growth.

Barb utilizes her financial acumen and managerial skills to deliver results.  She can facilitate quantitative and qualitative analyses of complex data, aid continuous improvement, lower losses, and increase efficiency.

Barb promotes the use of advanced technologies and accounting software to enhance processes and drive accuracy.  And she excels at implementing effective cost control measures to uphold the organization’s financial integrity.

Barb also owns her own CPA practice in Cincinnati, providing comprehensive accounting and tax solutions to clients.  She also provides consultation services to help clients with moving, selling, or expansion-related decisions.  In addition, Barb has worked closely with several off-shore companies, managed payroll and taxes, and trained her clients on QuickBooks.

In addition to the CPA practice, Barb was also part owner and controller for a premier sports cafe with six locations in Cincinnati.  During that time, she managed payroll, taxes, benefits, and created location-specific cash-flow reports.  These efforts led to significant savings, and improved employee retention.

Barb has a long history of working in a variety of industries including food service, construction, farming manufacturing, real estate, and retail.  In particular, she enjoys working out complex situations and helped a previous employer uncover substantial funds embezzled by a previous bookkeeper.

Barb has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati.