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Connie VanDorpe

Connie VanDorpe CPA business advisor

Connie VanDorpe is a Senior Business Advisor at MLA. She has extensive experience in managing small business systems and providing training for our clients’ accounting teams. Her ability to analyze ledgers and data task flow helps her serve in a controller capacity.

In addition to her work as a senior business advisor with MLA, Connie serves as an accountant with Fire Investigation Services, a company founded by her husband, Bruce. As part of that work, she maintains the private investigator licenses and corporate compliance in five states.

Previously Connie was an accounting manager with Contech Construction Products in West Chester, Ohio. She was brought in through a merger with CON/SPAN Bridge Systems of Kettering, Ohio in 2005.  Connie helped prepare CON/SPAN reports for the merger, and then integrated the accounting system into the new company.

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