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Seth Morgan

Seth Morgan MLA CEO

Under Seth’s leadership, MLA Companies has become one of the largest, most recognized CFO outsourcing groups in Southwest Ohio.

Seth Morgan is the President and CEO of MLA, which he founded in 2006. Seth leads MLA Companies, serving as a strategic advisor. In this role, he brings insight and accountability to leaders. He also represents sell and buy sides in M&A transactions.

Seth’s experience includes mergers and acquisitions, operations, internal consulting, controller operations and general management, bank negotiations, compliance audits and negotiation, business valuation experience, risk management, budgeting and forecasting, and dealing with the pressures and dynamics of small business ownership.

Seth’s path has led through public accounting, private turnaround efforts and entrepreneurship. Seth is known for his friendly but direct approach to tackling challenging problems, with which he leads the MLA Companies Team.

Seth is a sought after speaker, commentator, writer, and policy advisor. Having served as an elected official at both local and state levels, Seth has a unique perspective on policies, people and the mutual impact they have on each other.

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