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Norm Perkins, Tax Expert

Norm Perkins Tax Expert

Norm Perkins, is a Tax Expert, Financial Principal and CPA with MLA. His invaluable tax experience helps individuals, businesses and non-profits. He joined MLA after running his own firm for 28 years, and now serves as a tax and planning advisor to many MLA clients. His unique experience with non-profits positions him to counsel those who wish to leave a lasting legacy.

Norm supports clients who seek a senior-level professional with a broad scope of experience and tax expertise in the finance fields. He is a senior finance executive and tax expert who brings 28 years of experience as a certified public accountant.

Norm’s experience has given him expertise in all aspects of the closely held business’s financial issues. This includes all finance, banking, tax and compliance, valuation, credit, risk management, corporate budgeting and forecasting, cash flow consulting, finance information technology utilization, recapitalization and human resources.

Prior to joining MLA, Norm was a senior partner in a local firm that grew from to three to 10 staff members while increasing client billings tenfold. He provided all financial reporting, corporate, payroll and individual tax preparation functions. In addition, Norm consistently worked to enhance the business model and improve productivity and potential for each client.

Norm works closely with the business owners, officers and staff to ensure that decisions were made that reflected both a top-down and a bottom-up methodology.

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