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Caruso USA

Posted on: March 31st, 2021

Caruso USA is a full-service, division of Caruso Inc based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their distribution centers in Cincinnati, along with satellite locations across the country, enable them to service customers with customized programs on a multi-regional basis.  Caruso Logistics became an MLA client in 2019 when MLA acquired LGI CFO.  Caruso had been an LGI client since 2000.

Jim and Steve Caruso now own and operate the company that their grandfather, Sam Caruso founded in 1932. Caruso Logistics now has its fourth generation involved in distributing a variety of products, primarily fresh produce.  They have two divisions, fresh produce and logistics.

Caruso’s rich history positions them as a leader in quality, service, and innovation. Their diversified trucking fleet and food grade warehouses enable them to grow with their customers as we have from the beginning.

“I doubt we’d be here if you didn’t help us.”

Jim Caruso, CEO Caruso Logistics

Caruso Logistics and MLA

When Jim Caruso took over as CEO in 1998, he was looking to grow the family-owned company.  “I was struggling to get good financials,” he said.  “I knew nothing about banking or financing, or working with the banking industry.”

Caruso’s accountants were Clark Shaefer Hacket, and they recommended Jim call Steve Lumley. (Click here to watch Jim and Steve discuss their working relationship.)

At that time, Steve was the President and Founder of LGI CFO, based in Cincinnati.  Steve was able to help Caruso generate the financial reports it needed to secure financing for its growth.  “I doubt we’d be here if you didn’t help us,” Jim says.

Steve was able to help beyond just the financing and banking relationship.  As Caruso began construction on a new facility, Steve helped them segregate costs on the warehouse build-out, saving Caruso in the high six figures in taxes.

That expanded space and the additional capital has been put to good use.  Caruso has increased its sales 6 times since beginning to work with Steve.  “I’d recommend you to others,” Jim says. “And I have.”  MLA is proud to be part of Caruso Logistics’ continued growth and success.