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MLA Business Services

MLA is a growth-oriented outsource business services provider. We offer finance, strategy, and solutions services to small and midsize companies, and specialize in family-owned businesses.  

Business Services

We are based in southwest Ohio, with team members in Dayton, Cincinnati, Virginia, and Florida.  We serve companies across the southeastern, midwestern and southwestern US.

MLA was founded by Seth Morgan in 2006.  Seth was working as a CPA but wanted the opportunity to be more involved in advising business owners as they sought to grow business.

Business Redeemed

At MLA, we believe business makes a promise to improve the lives of those it serves. We understand that business owners find fulfillment in the success of those they serve and employ.

Because of that belief, we leverage our MLA business services to look at all aspects of a business through organizational best practices.  We do this in three primary ways.

We accomplish these objectives through our seven-step Business Redeemed Process.  This gives us a holistic look at your business and allows us to bring the right resources to bear to position your business for the growth you desire.

Contact us to learn more about how MLA business services can help your company grow!