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MLA In The News

MLA Companies is not a CPA firm that also does consulting. They are consultants whose customized, value-driven approach offers processes and services that align to their clients’ needs and future growth. This focus has allowed MLA to speak to current issues that are affecting small businesses, and be visible in the news.

Founded in 2006 by CEO Seth Morgan, the MLA Team are financial experts positioned to understand a client and their business—to protect, guide, and empower.

Clients who invest in building relationships with MLA Companies know that their purpose will not change but their service offerings can grow as the business grows. At MLA Companies the discussion with a client is centered around purpose and growth first—then finance and services second.

Because of this approach, MLA is seen as a thought-leader in the fractional advisory industry, and in financial services for small businesses.

MLA In the News:

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Below are some of the articles and interviews that feature our team.

Interview in Authority Magazine, On How To Take Your Company From Good To Great.

Seth Morgan was interviewed by Authority Magazine on January 9, 2022.  This is part of an ongoing series Authority Magazine is doing with Entrepreneurs.  To read the full interview, click here.

Seth Morgan Authority Magazine

Interview with Jon Delano, The Sunday Business Page, KDKA Pittsburg.

Seth Morgan appeared on The Sunday Business Page on October 10, 2021.  He was asked about strategies for employee retention, based on an article MLA had published that was featured on Yahoo Finance, among other places.  To read that article, click here.  To see the entire interview, click here.

Article on StrategicCFO360.com:

Prepare for Post-Pandemic Inflation

Interview on ThinkTech Hawaii:

Gary Wilkins was interviewed on ThinkTech Hawaii about an article on the likelihood of hyperinflation.  To read that article, click here.


Interview on Jimmy Barrett Show:

Seth Morgan was interviewed on the Jimmy Barret Show about an article on the likelihood of hyperinflation.  Seth’s segment begins at minute 48:27.  For a playlist of Seth’s interview in segments, click here.

Jimmy Barrett Show