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Resources for Change

Short term RESOURCES to execute long term change

We bring a team of experienced senior leaders and execution specialists to help turn your vision into reality.

With the understanding and resources to work across functional silos, MLA helps execute your whole model, not just a single task. We understand the fine balance of performance, culture, and personality fit. A fractional member of your team yet fully driven for your success.

We help:

Create Financial Stability: Knowing the right numbers are right

Drive Above Market Growth: Define and drive the growth engine

Increase Operational Productivity: Streamline and document operations

Assist Infrastructure Investment: Upgrade physical systems and key personnel

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

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MLA Companies is a business financial services firm located in southwest Ohio. Our team of about 30 professionals is actively serving more than 60 companies across the United States.

We provide business services from bookkeeping through M&A. Our core competency is our Fractional, or Outsource CFO team. These individuals have extensive and varied experience across multiple industries including manufacturing, construction, logistics, consumer products, and professional services.

Our approach to finance is forward-looking, meaning we work to provide the insights and guidance you need to lead your business to future growth. We offer a set of strategic services that include market growth analysis, strategic planning, business model development, and succession planning.

While we can help you prepare and plan, we can also execute to get you to your goals. Our solutions services are finance-adjacent and include business process optimization, alignment between owners and management, valuation and closed-corp stock, and governance structures.

MLA utilizes its holistic Business Redeemed Process to gain a complete picture of your business and identify opportunities for growth. We work seamlessly with your other service providers, including your CPA and financial institutions.

From outset to execution, MLA stands ready to be your trusted advisor.