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Kyle Roth

Kyle Roth is a Strategic Principal at MLA. He is an experienced consultant helping leaders start, scale and exit through advocacy, strategy, leadership, and managerial capabilities.

Kyle has over 20 years of strategy work with Fortune 500 companies.  In 2020 Kyle founded Roth Advisory to work with startups and founders, providing executive coaching and strategy consulting.  He enjoys building partnerships and helping founders tell the story behind their business.

Prior to his entrepreneurial work, he worked in the software industry with Qlik, a SaaS data analytics platform.  Kyle helped enterprise clients over $1B adopt and leverage technology and provided business development and consulting in their Midwest market.  He also worked with a niche consulting firm Lightwell, helping companies optimize how they access, manage, share, and leverage their data.

Prior to his consulting experience, he had 10 years of experience at Grange Insurance in strategy and leadership.  He helped with their enterprise data modernization, and has experience with providing shared service portfolio management, data analysis, and business Intelligence (BI).

Kyle received his BA in Applied Mathematics from Ohio Wesleyan University and has studied Executive Startup Fundraising at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Kyle and his wife also helped plant a church in Columbus, OH, sharing in the leadership, teaching and working with other church planting organizations.